19k white gold & diamonds
3 banded star ring

The most innovative, exclusive and unique custom jewellery design comes into being by way of communication with the customer. The process is open and begins with an exchange and collaboration of ideas. This is the time when imagination and vision comes into play and a concept is brought into being. Ideas can be centred around a precious stone, an important event or an individual…they can also be based upon a tiny sketch, a work of art, even bits of images from magazines..anything that inspires. In the beginning of the process a few quick sketches are made to represent the concepts that we discuss. Once a design is settled on the work begins…

sterling silver & watermelon
tourmaline ring

There are a few ways of constructing a custom jewellery piece. In the most common method i begin by carving a sculptural prototype of the design out of a special jewellery wax with the assistance of various tools assigned to the task, such as files, wax tools, gravers and scalpels. After the design is perfected it is attached to the base of a casting flask with a piece of wax wire. The wire creates a channel for the metal to flow through at a later phase. A type of plaster called ‘investment’ is then poured around the model filling the flask. When the plaster hardens the flask is placed inside a kiln that ‘burns out’ the wax at a very high temperature leaving an exact impression of the wax in the plaster. This leaves a cavity that will be filled by molten metal. Metal is brought to it’s melting point by heating it with a large very hot flame inside of a crucible.

10k white gold, lilac lepidolite,
amethyst ring

In centrifugal casting the burned out flask is spun at high speed in a casting machine where the molten metal is forced by the spinning from the crucible into the flask and then into the impression left behind by the wax. When the metal cools down it hardens. The investment in the flask is then dissolved in water revealing the jewellery piece. The casting is then cleaned, filed and finished at which time stones are set.

moldavite & 14k yellow
gold pendant

The other method of of constructing a custom jewellery piece is to make it entirely by hand. This is accomplished by sawing filing, forming, soldering and fusing various forms of sheet metal and wire as well as incorporating cast elements and surface textures.

Each individual piece always requires the processes and considerations that are best suited for it.

If you have an idea for a custom piece and would like to discuss it.. contact me.