Metal is expansive… It is raw yet refined. The material is giving and receiving allowing itself to be bent, raised, fused and melted–rippling like water. A master manipulator of light metal gives so much more through it’s shimmering surfaces and blinding contours. Metal surrenders to manifesting the formless out of form. It is a creator’s tool while it itself creates, alloying vulnerability with strength. Metal is dualistic while being all-one. It is in it’s element organic and of the earth transmitting illusions of frailty and impermanence, while also exhibiting mechanistic intentions, geometric precision and incredible fortitude. Metal is a being in it’s own right.. a sumptuous creature..benevolent, ensouled and alive.

Jewellery is magnetic for me. It is one of the first things i notice about a person when i meet them..even if they’re not wearing any. It often tells a personal private story that the individual rarely does. As it lives and shifts on the body catching light and writing it’s own narrative, jewellery becomes an expresser. It speaks of it’s own history as well as that of it’s maker. Jewellery reflects and mirrors the intentions and qualities of the one who wears it building a relationship that is truly symbiotic. It is the inner body turned outwards. The dynamic between an individual’s inner and outer worlds has always held a fascination for me and jewellery plays a definitive part in it’s creative statement. Jewellery is more than conceptual and objective, it is an art form that merges with us both physically and emotionally and has the power to affect us deeply on both levels.

Handmade jewellery is precious and can hold great emotional charge and meaning. As a gift it is given in deep sentiment, infusing a moment in time with love, bonding and celebration. If it is lost, it can feel as though a piece of us is missing. The at-one-ment that is at the core of jewellery is what makes it art. The unbroken creative stream of inspiration carried through to manifestation by the maker, then carried into active relationship with life through the human being is what makes jewellery a true form of expression. A bridging between creator and activator is present within the mediums of metals and jewellery. That flow is magical and for me the connection must be forged to give birth to anything truly meaningful on the physical plane of experience.

As an artist i’m inspired most by my medium. The metamorphic qualities of metal, it’s inherent beauty and potential as a creative tool always bring me back for more. The smallness of jewellery, the intense intimacy of process, the containment of sometimes extremely large and lush ideas is endearing, romantic and sentimental. Handmade jewellery has heart and soul. It is infused with great care and intention and as such is a detailed record of concentrated mental, physical and aesthetic processes. The results are always a valuable record of time and space. What propels me forward with making jewellery is the sheer challenge of it as well as the joy experienced through a successful result. Jewellery fascinates, exercises and dominates my intellect, emotions and technical capabilities. It is as much a part of me as i am of it and forms within me a web of expansion with no beginning and no end.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Liv Watson is a multidisciplinary artist that practices jewellery and painting. Her work has been shown and sold in various locations across Canada. Liv graduated with her BFA in Painting in 2001 and later with a second BFA in Jewellery and Metals in 2004 from the Alberta College of Art and Design. When not making something Liv can be found outdoors reading under a tree or walking her goldendoodle dog Erra and thinking of nothing at all.